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Hotel Bella Vista

First minute -20%
Are you already on vacation for the next year?
We certainly already are, and we have prepared for you a discount for early booking in the amount of 20%.
If you book your stay in our hotel Bella Vista and confirm a reservation up to 01/31/2018 you get even 20% discount on all rooms!
For further information please contact us via email address:

Hotel Bella Vista

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Hotel Bella Vista

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Novootvoreni hotel Bella Vista krasi elegancija, visoka kvaliteta i raznovrsnost sadržaja.


Gornja Vala bb, HR – 21333 Drvenik, Croatia, Everyday 7:00-23:00

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Tel: +385 21 628 171, Fax: +385 21 628 163 e-mail:

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