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Hotel Bella Vista

Wellness center Bella Vista nourishes the holistic approach to health and life in general. In a relaxing setting, expert therapists will offer you their advice and introduce you to all the charms of wellbeing and will customize different treatments to your needs and desires. Enjoy the Finnish sauna, the whirlpool, the Turkish bath as well as the different massages and aromatherapies. Here only………… is used, which was especially conceived for wellness programs.

Hotel Bella Vista

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Hotel Bella Vista

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Novootvoreni hotel Bella Vista krasi elegancija, visoka kvaliteta i raznovrsnost sadržaja.


Gornja Vala bb, HR – 21333 Drvenik, Croatia, Everyday 7:00-23:00

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Tel: +385 21 628 171, Fax: +385 21 628 163 e-mail:

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