HOTEL BELLA VISTA, Gornja Vala 46, HR – 21333 Drvenik, Tel: +385 21 628 171, Fax: +385 21 628 163

Hotel rules

Hotels can get a person who is duly registered at the front desk. Hotels charge for a full day, starting from 14hours a day to 11 hours the next day.

Keeping the room after 11 hours of withdrawing payment for daily rest.
Keeping the room after 18 hours of charging for overnight retreats. Departure, or stop using hotel services, guests must report to the front desk 11 hours of the current day. When you leave the hotel room please some lock and key submitted to the reception. If a guest staying at the hotel for more than seven days, required after every fifth day to meet its obligations to the cashdesk. Valuables and money handed over to the care receptionist, with written confirmation, otherwise the hotel is not responsible for lost valuables and belongings.

The hotel rooms it is forbidden:
The introduction of animals entering combustible and explosive materials, washing and ironing, use of instruments, the destruction of inventory, strife and causing unrest and disturbing the peace of other uses hotels.
Receive visitors in the room. Visits can receive in rooms dedicated to the common room, restaurant.
– For non-payment or harm hotel reserves the things guests to debt collection.
– For noncompliance of rules and regulations, we reserve the right to cancel accommodation at full replacement cost.

If you have your wishes, compliments, suggestions or complaints, pleas contact our reception or hotel management.